5 best things about North Wollongong beaches

Daylight savings changes everything for my family. How about you?

There’s so much time now to go to the beach after work. Soon as the rain clears, we’re headed down to ‘Little Austi’ Beach. It’s our local.

We don’t vary much from there. Just like a comfy pair of jeans, we stick with what works. It’s also an easy walk from our place.

If you’re new to the area, you may not have found your local. On your hunt to find the perfect beach for you, here are some things you may not know about our beaches here in the northern suburbs.

We’ve a huge SLSC presence

As a parent, I understand the need to keep kids safe at a patrolled beach. So, you’ll be happy to know, the northern suburbs beaches make up half of the patrolled beaches across the Illawarra.

On that note, the amount of patrols is a testament to the spirit of Surf Life Saving Clubs here. So many local families are intertwined with the local SLSC. There are hundreds of volunteers. Our kids train in nippers. We spend countless summer Sundays supporting all the competitions and carnivals. So, if you’re looking for your favourite beach, getting to know your local SLSC might help you pick.

Sandon Point has its own little historical boat sheds

It seems like a little secret hiding by the rocks at Sandon Point, adding so much character to this lovely beach. Over a hundred years of storms have shaped these heritage-listed boat sheds into slightly wonky corrugated iron and timber caves. I understand they were common across all the northern suburbs beaches, but these are the only ones still standing.

Austinmer Beach is right next to a beautiful park called Glastonbury Gardens

It’s not well known to people from outside Austi because it’s a little hidden from the main road. Glastonbury Gardens backs on to Lawrence Hargrave and is a favourite for local weddings and picnics. There are terraced stone walls too, great for kids to play ball.

We’re a dog’s paradise

The northern suburbs have the biggest cluster of off-leash beaches in the Illawarra. The rocky sand platform between McCauley’s Beach and Sandon Point is a must for summer. The kids love to explore this walk as well, with rock pools teaming with creatures galore.

Pools aplenty

I doubt any coastline in the world is as spoilt by so many ocean pools. Another historic triumph, for which we still reap the rewards a century on. Naturally, Austinmer’s been my favourite. Though with eight of these saltwater sanctuaries from Coalcliff to Towradgi, I’ll be doing the rounds to each of them this summer.

Maybe having a favourite isn’t so important after all.


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5 best things about North Wollongong beaches