Wild weather in the Illawarra

From unruly work-day umbrellas to the number 1 best thing ever to do with the kids in the rain

Has this been the craziest weather we’ve seen all year?

It’s been a week of wind storms, thunder and lightning, flooding, and buckets of rain that make us want to curl up under the covers and go back to sleep.

I am of course cheering for the farmers, crossing my fingers they’re seeing a glimpse of hope as the heavens open.

Whilst I sit in sodden traffic, windscreen wipers dizzily flashing before my eyes, I also contemplate my own day ahead.

The work-day dilemma – unruly umbrellas

There is the obvious dilemma of trying to stay dry as I jump in and out of the car between client meetings and open homes.

And with this wind, who knows how in the world I’m meant to stop my shoddy umbrella from being sucked inside out, rendering it completely useless. I’ve been meaning to buy another one forever, but it’s one of those things I never get around to. Is that just me?

What to do with the kids

I also wonder how I can possibly entertain the kids and avoid the inevitable screen time. Rainy days seem to triple the mind-numbing hours spent in front of iPads, phones and TVs.

I used to think the number 1 best thing ever to do with the kids in the rain was to send them over to one of their friend’s houses to hang out. Ha!

But here’s another idea. Get them to cook dinner. No, seriously. It even works for the younger ones. Cooking dinner together as a family can fill an hour with no screen in sight. It nicely leads to sitting down to eat together too.

Cooking together as a family can make a rainy, claustrophobic weeknight seem like a holiday.

To pros of a rainy weekend

Sure. This hectic weather can be inconvenient, especially given we’ve just started enjoying a bit of summer and dipping our toe into the ocean again after a long winter.

But the rain can bring a family together.

As we look toward a wet weekend, perhaps dusting off the monopoly board or trying your hand at some colourful cake creation with the kids might be a winner.

Of course, then there’s a choice of beautiful houses selling from One Agency Downie Denison-Pender to check out on Saturday. Ha!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, but we’re not snoring.

Enjoy the weekend, whatever the weather.


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