Zach’s mission to cure kid’s cancer

Zachary is a local ten-year-old with a heart of gold.

He’s a little different to most his age. He’s on a mission to help cure kid’s cancer. You can see on his Facebook page @zachsfundraising.

Have you met Zach before? If so, you’ll know he’s an amazing kid.

Late last month Zach was looking to host a fundraiser at Corrimal’s Table 426 with a target to raise $5,000 for the Kid’s Cancer Project. The national charity funds research into children’s cancer treatments.

That’s when Zach called us. There’s not much anyone can say when a 10-year-old asks, “Can you help me save the lives of other kids like me?” The answer is, of course, YES!

Moved by Zach’s commitment, we spread the word to all our newsletter readers and social media followers. Out of which, I’m thrilled so many of you answered the call.

More than 30 One Agency Downie & Dennison-Pender staff and friends pulled up a pew for the fundraising night.

We certainly took over the joint.

What an occasion it was. A celebration of life, in an effort to help kids who sorely need it.

The food was superb. Lamb shanks and black forest cake was heartily enjoyed over some great conversation and cool music from Zach’s aunty’s band called Juztify.

Then came the fundraising auction. Everyone knows a real estate agent likes an auction! Of course, I was happy to run that. Click on it here, if you’d like a laugh. It was fun!

Well over $8,000 was raised by the evening. A real credit to Zach and his energy to do what he can to give back. Fantastic for someone his age. For anyone, really. Congrats Zach!

On behalf of Zach as well, thanks to all of you who joined us for the evening.

We’re a family business, who care a lot about charities run to help kids. If you have a local charity helping kids, we’d love to hear from you. Do get in touch.


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Zach’s mission to cure kid’s cancer