How does your Christmas tree stack up?

What’s that you say? You don’t have your Christmas tree up yet? Gasp!

Don’t you know it’s 19 more sleeps till Christmas? There is some serious twinkling time you’re missing out on. You really need to get your Santa hat on this weekend and roll up your sleeves.

There’s one person in our office who doesn’t need encouragement. Our Mel is always full of the Christmas spirit, even in July. She tops the Christmas list in One Agency Downie Dennison-Pender, that’s for sure. Probably in all of Thirroul!

Are you in that category too? Naughty or nice?

Mel doesn’t have just one tree. She has two! One each for upstairs and downstairs. One is white, and one is black! And come that first weekend in December every year, Mel (and the kids, but mainly just Mel) creates two twinkling masterpieces, that Santa can’t miss.

Now, we’ve all been decorating Christmas trees since we could crawl, but there are some tree decorating doyens we could learn a thing or two from. Here’s Mel’s tips on how to create the perfect Christmas tree!

It’s all about the twinkle factor

It always starts with the lights. We have ice white lights for our black tree and warm white for our white tree. The lights always go first. Otherwise, it’s just too tricky to put them on after the ornaments.

Steer clear of the flickering lights though near the TV, if you ask me. Who wants to feel like they’re living in a disco when you’re trying to watch the Real Housewives of Orange County?

Theme, theme, theme, and don’t stop at the tree

This year, I went shopping for a whole new look, buying all new decorations and tree. I went with silver and gold baubles on the new tree. But the theme didn’t stop there. The wrapping paper matches and so does the wreath at the front door.

Our other tree is white, with green and silver ornaments. Shining from the branches are birds and butterflies, angles, candy canes are more. Tinsel doesn’t get a look in. This tree took me years to buy for, but it’s never quite finished. I change it around every year to suit my mood. I have so many decorations, I leave at least one box, in the garage every year.

Leave it to the kids, but sneak out later

I have older kids now, with a 9-year-old and 14-year-old. While they don’t always like to put up the tree, they’re pretty good at decorating. But when they were younger, we put up the tree together and then I’d sneak back later to fix it up a little. They never noticed 😊

They do like the Lego wonderland. There is a new Christmas creation every year we buy to add to the little town that sits next to our upstairs tree. Very cute!

Just have fun with it really. Make it your own. Merry Christmas! xx

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How does your Christmas tree stack up?