Very Merry Christmas Party Top Tips

So, we hosted the One Agency Downie & Denison-Pender Christmas bash last week to celebrate the year with our friends and families. It was a great occasion at the Thirroul Surf Life Saving Club.

No doubt, you’re all doing your best to get through the busy silly season too. Seems like everyone’s hosting a party. So, as you pop open that next Champagne bottle or don the Santa hat for the third time this week, here’s a little something to keep in mind.

Number 1 best party tip ever! – The canapé waiter is our best friend

I’m sure you’ll agree, at our age it’s hard to get away anymore with a drunkard stumble out the door after a heavy night. Is it just me though or do you also still manage to get caught short at these things, wondering if that last glass of Oyster Bay was really the best way to go?

This year, I decided to take decisive action. The first chat I now have as the food starts rolling out is a conspiratorial one with the most diligent looking waiter I can find.

With my smiliest smile, I ask them to head my way first with every new plate of prawn cutlets or salmon biscuit bites. That way, I’m not left chasing the canapés all over the room or getting to the end of the night full of more wine than sliders.

Say thanks

Along with Vanessa, I host our office Christmas party. It’s a great chance to say a proper thanks to those we’ve worked with this year.

It’s hard to get around to everyone, but a lot of our guests were good enough to say hello when they arrived or say goodbye before they headed home.

Thank goodness, because otherwise I may not have had the chance to wish them a Merry Christmas and say thanks.

So, maybe take a moment to say bye to the boss or your host before heading home. Who knows what will come of it. With any luck, a well-earned pat on the back to send you off on your holidays.

A special thanks to you

If I did miss you at our party, let me reiterate what I posted on Instagram and Facebook with all our pictures.

It’s a privilege to serve so many wonderful people in this community. The year has been eventful.

Just under a hundred homes have changed hands with all those families enjoying new beginnings. Thank you for allowing us to be part of that journey with you. 🎉

We’ve paired countless landlords and tenants together and managed your homes to make sure your lives are little smoother and more convenient. Thank you for all your trust and collaboration. 🏡

To help make that happen, we’ve engaged dozens of local businesses, from electricians, conveyancers, builders and more, who have all gone above and beyond to deliver for us and our clients. A big thank you. 🙏

As we look toward another exciting year ahead, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year celebration with family and friends. 🎄

Vanessa, Kane, Angus, Laurie, Troy, Debbie, Melanie Suzen, Paul and Andrew

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Very Merry Christmas Party Top Tips