New Year’s resolution to sell your house? This is what you need to do

New year, new adventure

So, you’re nursing a bit of a headache and you’re wiped out from a busy holiday celebrating Christmas and New Year’s with family and friends.

But with the new year, comes exciting prospects ahead. Moving perhaps? Starting afresh?

If that’s the case, now is a good time to role up your sleeves to get that list of jobs done.

We all have them. It’s that dodgy pergola that’s threatening to keel over. There’s the wobbly toilet seat or that messy garden with the overgrown weeds. They all seem important but where to start? Here are our top tips.

Which quick jobs to pick to get more money at sale time?

It doesn’t have to take much cash to get your place in a good state for sale.

For the smaller renos, think about the outside first and then de-clutter the inside.

A lick of paint goes a long way

It’s all about street appeal. A sharp and shiny home with a modern exterior always helps peak a buyer’s curiosity. It gets buyers considering themselves in the place they’re seeing.

So, this month maybe use the time for a trip to The Hardware Man in Bulli or Bunnings paint store. It’ll be worth your while.

Great gardens are a big plus for a buyer

There’s a reason most of us live by the beach. We love being outside. We spend most of our waking moments trying to enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. We love our quiet a coffee on the front porch or a backyard for our kids to play.

That’s why a nice garden goes a long way to encouraging a buyer to pick your house.

De-clutter and book a council pickup

Wollongong council gives each house two pickups in a financial year. Don’t squander it. Be brutal.

Every interior designer will tell you less is more. Take out unnecessary furniture, throw out the old toys, say goodbye to grotty rugs and give the cupboards a once over.

You know you’ll feel better with a cleaner home, but a potential buyer will feel better too about your place.

Good luck with the busy holiday ahead!


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New Year’s resolution to sell your house? This is what you need to do