Top 4 places in Wollongong to keep cool with the kids this school holiday

Yes, it’s hot out there. Thirroul’s temperature each day this week is all above 30 degrees!

As much as we’ve loved the beach this school holidays, there’s only so long we can stay out in the hot sun.

Of course, we could pop to the airconditioned shops. But, let’s get creative.

There’s plenty of local outdoor or indoor options to keep us cool. Here’s what my kids have been trying this summer.

Have you tried any of these? What were your thoughts?

Symbio Zoo’s new splash park

This is more for the younger ones. You’ve all probably been before. But the new splash park and playground just gives another reason to pop back up there.

It can be a pretty expensive outing, but I liked that the Season Pass is reasonable, a little more than the price of two visits. I could see that coming in handy even after school goes back. 15 minutes up there, and it makes for an easy afternoon of fun before dinner.

Symbio is always upgrading and improving the enclosures. It was a shame they lost the tigers last year, but I guess it allowed for the new facilities, which the young ones will love in this heat.

Hangdog rock climbing

While it might not seem like a cool way to spend the day, given the temperature outside and the nice air-conditioning inside, this is a top way to wear the kids out. This is pretty good value too, for a casual visit at $14 per child under 16.

Aquaman and the new How to Train Your Dragon at Event Cinema

Yes, yes, I know. Hardly an unusual place to take the kids on the holidays. But did any of you know about the saver tickets? $11.50 per child is pretty good for a couple of hours in the air-conditioning. The younger ones will like the new How to Train Your Dragon. But, in my opinion give Ralph Breaks the Internet a miss. It was a bit of a mess. Would you agree? I personally loved Aquaman. What did you think?

Illawarra Hawkes basketball

I’m not a massive basketball fan myself, but I like watching sport generally.

Some of us in the office were tossing up going to see Illawarra’s own Hawk’s play this Friday night, 18th of January, at WIN Entertainment Centre. The game is on at 7.50pm. Seems like it would be a pretty action-packed way to spend the evening. Any of you been to a game recently? Worth a look?

And More…

There’s lots of other places we love, like Flip Out’s trampoline centre, ten pin at Northern Bowl, Inflatable World in Wollongong, the Planetarium and more, but they seemed a little too lacking in air-conditioning or a little too ‘been there, done that’.

But, is there any other places you’d recommend? We would love to hear from you. Just post on our Instagram or Facebook.

Good luck beating the heat!


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Top 4 places in Wollongong to keep cool with the kids this school holiday