Valentines Day in Northern Illawarra

Last minute tips on where to go and what to buy for the perfect romantic gesture

Since you’re reading this now, Valentines Day may have crept up on you. It’s Valentines Day today and if you haven’t got your plans sorted yet, don’t worry.

There are still ways to save the day. Just because it’s last minute, doesn’t mean it can’t be worth a big smooch from your lucky someone.

Best flowers in town

Luca Luna, in Thirroul, has a signature style to make anyone swoon with gushing gratitude.

Luca Luna Florist Charlotte says there are two popular ways you can go.

“The real romantic can’t go past a passionate red rose bouquet. It says love in every language.

“For the less traditional our customers are choosing mixed blooms. Natives last longer and we pair them with soft, feminine flowers, like dahlias and orchards, to make a lovingly luscious arrangement.”

Where to find the sweetest sweets

More than just a box of chocolates. Have you been into Bread, Espresso & in Thirroul. You’re met with some of the most delicious pastries, breads and gelatos.

Owner Norby said a combo box of rich chocolate brownies is the way to go for your beau. Melt their heart with some triple choc, salted or raspberry brownies. Pick them up before closing time at 2.30pm.

The top spots for Valentines Day dinner

There are a few spots still left we understand at some of Thirroul’s most romantic eateries.

Para’s Feasting Menu of Kingfish Crudo and Mayfield Sirloin, is sure to set the scene for the perfect date, where you dine amongst divine dim lighting and rich wood panelling.

Then there’s Thirroul’s South Sailor or Jose Jones that are both putting on beautiful Valentines Day experiences. It’s always a special night at both those restaurants.

Wishing you a memorable night with your beau.


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Valentines Day in Northern Illawarra