State Election: To scrap or not to scrap the Medium Density Housing Code?

While One Agency Downie & Denison-Pender don’t have a political persuasion, on a few occasions this blog has tried to encourage debate or consideration about issues affecting our local property market.

The State Election is on Saturday, as you know. One of the best times to assert your opinion on how we can manage our property market.

There are a few issues important to the different parties that will have an impact on our property market.

There is one issue though which will have the most direct and biggest impact worth considering before heading to the polling booth.

To scrap or not to scrap the Medium Density Housing Code?

Electing a State Labor Government would see the code scrapped. A Liberal Government would keep it.

A few months back we asked Alex Kelly, Director and Lawyer for PDC Lawyers and Planners, to write a blog for us about this policy, which was set to take affect last July.

A local lawyer’s perspective

Alex Kelly said the Low-Rise Medium Density Housing Code was, “intended to herald a new age of simplified development processes for some medium density development, such as dual occupancies.”

It was “meant to allow those looking to build one or two-storey dual occupancies, manor houses and terraces, to jump through fewer hoops to get approval.”

The Wollongong Council’s perspective

Local councils were given leeway to hold off implementing the changes.

They’ve chosen to postpone implementing it, with Wollongong Lord Mayor quoted in the Illawarra Mercury as saying the code would allow, “unfettered medium density development in low density residential areas… without community engagement or consultation.”

The Property Council of Australia’s perspective

The Property Council of Australia, whose members include investors, owners, managers and developers, support the Medium Density Housing Code.

Their State Election announcement asserts that, “the Code will provide more diverse housing and better good growth outcomes across Sydney.”

Next steps

There are obviously plenty of opinions on the topic. We acknowledge our clients come from so many different perspectives. Even here in the office, we’ll be on different sides as we debate those perspectives.

On the eve of the State election, all here One Agency Downie & Denison-Pender, are grateful and even excited by the opportunity to vote.

We’re wishing you all our best as you head to Thirroul Library or your Primary School this Saturday.

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State Election: To scrap or not to scrap the Medium Density Housing Code?