Saying thanks for the Thirroul library – School holidays and beyond, what’s happening in the heart of the community this month

One Agency Downie Denison-Pender is based just opposite the Thirroul library. Seeing the hustle and bustle through the doors, we know just how much our library offers to our community.

We suspect most of you make it through those doors at least couple of times at month. Is that right?

Just about every person would find a reason, given the number of things offered weekly.

There’re the mums taking their kids to the morning music group. There are the work-from-home professionals wanting a different perspective. Then there are so many using the Community Centre facilities from Tai Chi to Carpet Bowls.

You could say the Thirroul Library is a big heart of the community. For the month ahead, here’s a snap shot of what’s happening.

What we love about our library

No more fines

Here’s an exciting development. The Illawarra Mercury just reported that overdue fines are soon to be waived at Wollongong libraries, including past fines. That will take affect within the coming months.

Looks like for those who have been holding back going to the library because of the potential fines they might be asked to pay, this is the friendly ‘welcome back’ they’ve been hoping for.

School holiday options

Four fun activities are being hosted at Thirroul Library this school holidays. If your kids are a fan of the Spiderman movies, they’ll be a showing one on Wednesday the 24th.

From there it’s a crafty week or so of building things. Your kids can build a Bee Hotel for the backyard on Tuesday the 16th, a world of Lego constructions on Thursday the 18th or their own toys on Tuesday the 23rd. Happy building!

So much to do

Did you know that the Thirroul Community Centre hosts a Poetry Group? That’s not the half of it. With over 30 events there weekly, there must be something for everyone!

There are countless health and lifestyle offerings, from Tae Kwon Do to Meditation workshops. Groups gather to talk about their hobbies from Philosophy to Film. There are lessons for kids like Dancing and Baby Yoga. Amazing!

A space to work

From kids after school doing their homework to those who usually work from home, just looking for a brighter space to work, there is always such a busy group of people who find their productive space in the Thirroul Library. It’s a peaceful atmosphere, sitting bathed in the sunlight by the big windows facing Lawrence Hargrave Drive. We recommend it if you’re next staring uninspired at your computer screen, looking to get out of a rut for a different perspective.

Hope to see you there soon.

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Saying thanks for the Thirroul library – School holidays and beyond, what’s happening in the heart of the community this month