Starting a fresh – The 5 biggest reasons we think the Northern Illawarra is the best place to live

Nearly every day the team here at Downie & Denison-Pender speak to those wanting to move to the northern Illawarra.

They often live in Sydney, but more and more they draw from further afield. Just last month we sold to a young Mudgee family.

There are countless reasons to move here. But, time and again these five main points ring true as the most compelling.

Here’s why we think us locals enjoy living here more than anywhere else. Would you agree?

It’s affordable paradise

City living gives many the idea that living in a shoebox is acceptable, given what one needs to spend on a shoebox in Sydney.

When people come here though, they realise that a big house with a backyard can be enjoyed for the same price as that shoebox in Sydney.

Not to mention, we’re all so close to the beach. The beautiful beach. Every morning most of us can wake up and trot down to hear the waves crashing on the sand. We can marvel as we look back to the escarpment and watch the colours of light change as the morning rises.

What a pleasure!

Accessible to Sydney

That express train from Thirroul that gets us to Sydney in an hour has become quite the savior for many who work in Sydney.

The express train is also helpful to connect us to friends and family who live in Sydney, along with getting us to great events happening between here and the Sydney CBD.

Cosmopolitan with a strong community feel

There’s the burgeoning café culture here in the Northern Suburbs, with little bars and shops popping up all the time.

As we walk down the main streets, we can’t help but see people we know. There is a shared ritual (and not just on the weekends either) to pop down for a coffee and share a chat with your neighbours.

Family friendly

There’s a grape vine that stretches far beyond the beaches of the Northern Illawarra, as new families tell their friends other families to join them here.

That has brought a community full of young families. Those young families have also inspired new things to see and do here in Illawarra.

Just about every local beach has an impressive playground, accompanied by a nearby café for hot chips and baby chinos.

Then there’s Symbio, Inflatable World, FlipOut, The Discovery Space and more, which all cater to the young and energetic ones among us. So much to do! So little time!

Outdoors lifestyle

Nature leads the way here in the Northern Illawarra. We’re almost cuddled between the majesty of the escarpment above us and the expanse of the ocean at our feet.

The welcoming, family atmosphere and the café culture is inspired by where we live. It is a sunny, leafy, beautiful part of the world that just calls us to spend our hours outside.



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Starting a fresh – The 5 biggest reasons we think the Northern Illawarra is the best place to live