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How to choose key pieces of furniture for your home

August 9, 2018


I’m often asked what are the key pieces of furniture a person should invest in for design longevity in their home and why? There’s heaps of what I call fast-fashion and disposable furniture out there for the short term, and there’s the forever furniture pieces that have a high quality build, using high quality materials, […]

TREND: A surge of local property development – what’s happening in Thirroul, Bulli and Woonona

August 2, 2018


In all the years I’ve called our area home, I’m sure this is the busiest time for property development I’ve ever seen. It’s quite amazing to drive around places like East Bulli and Point St in Bulli, where it feels like every block has a house or two being renovated or rebuilt. East Woonona is […]

To Renovate or not to Renovate

July 12, 2018


As a Property Makeover Specialist I regularly speak at property presentation seminars, and often hear the same questions. One of the most popular questions is: “A friend of mine has recently made-over their place to sell, they put in a kitchen, they painted and landscapers were there for days. Then someone bought it and they are […]

Traffic courtesy – bring back the smile and wave

July 5, 2018


This morning it felt like the whole of our northern suburbs were taking their kids to school. Leaving at 8.15am, it took me half an hour to get from Scarborough to Bulli. I might have been better to walk from Austinmer to Thirroul I was crawling so slow. I’ve noticed that on my weekend trips […]

The school holiday juggle – relief or nightmare?

June 28, 2018


Wow, is it that time again? School holidays swing around so quickly. Again, I’m feeling this sense of unease. Do you go through this? Come school holiday time I can’t help but worry as Monica and I embark on the working parent juggle madness. There’s always this crazy scramble to coordinate diaries to look after […]

Martin Place in Thirroul – how does it stack up to your local coffee shop?

June 21, 2018


It’s 2.30 in the afternoon. Winter has arrived and its blustery outside. I’ve popped across the road to Martin Place for a coffee and some warmth. Not just some warmth out of the weather. The warmth of a familiar place. There’s so many new coffee shops in the area, with their beautiful décor and their […]

Thirroul - a shoppers haven?

June 7, 2018


It’s been a huge six months on the main street of Thirroul. An explosion of businesses opening and changing management has brought a wave of excitement among shop owners and the community alike. The word has travelled far too, with national news stories capturing the buzz here at home. In a recent article in the […]

The Sydney influx to your suburb – fact or fiction?

May 31, 2018


Things are changing around here. Local statistics have confirmed that Thirroul has become the stomping ground for young families escaping the Sydney rat race to raise their kids. The family home is now the biggest real estate drawcard for our area than any other. In a population of over 6000, it’s children under 14 years […]

Are you proud to live here?

May 24, 2018


Thirroul is changing. So is Bulli. The whole northern suburbs. We all know that. Young families are moving from Sydney to find the beach and enjoy reasonable house prices. When I was growing up though, the likes of Bulli, Thirroul, all the way up to Coledale, were filled with long-time locals. Our grandparents went to […]

Is Thirroul barking mad about dogs?

May 17, 2018


One Agency Downie Denison-Pender are canine crazy. Kane’s a small dog lover with his Moodle George and Schnoodle Poppy. Where I love the big breeds, with my dog Zulu a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Almost half of the homes in Wollongong own a dog. For so many of the people we sell houses to who are moving […]

Suburb Profile | Austinmer

February 15, 2018


One of the south coast’s original gems Austinmer is the jewel in the crown of the Northern Suburbs. Nestled between the escarpment and the sea Austinmer is home to an award-winning beach and the inspiring Sublime Point walk; there’s something for everyone! Tree lined Moore Street is an artisanal haven, cafes and boutiques abound. Properties […]